Lindsay Lohan Is It Real or Not – Plastic Surgery


Born in New York on 2nd July, 1986, Lindsay Lohan entered the Hollywood with Disney in 1998. She was well accepted by the audience, and she was nominated for the “Favorite Female Newcomer”. Since then she has worked in many good movies like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

Megan Fox Before & After Plastic Surgery Photo


Megan Fox is one of those actresses whose plastic surgery brought a great change in their appearance. In her fourteen years career in Hollywood, the actress went through many plastic surgeries to change her appearance from time to time.

Michael Jackson’s Looks Completely Changed After Plastic Surgery


Michael Jackson was one of those stars who used plastic surgery to completely change their appearance. Michael Jackson was good looking before, but he made up his mind to go through plastic surgery.

How Much Plastic Surgery Changed Blake Lively Appearance

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a stunning Hollywood actress and model. She got famous for her role in “Gossip Girl”. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married in 2012, both stars met on “Green Lantern”.

Did Nicole Kidman Really Have Plastic Surgery – Before & After


Born in Honolulu Hawaii, Nicole Kidman is an Australian born actress. She became famous after the 1989 movie, Dead Calm. Since then she has a successful career in acting, singing and film producing.

Gwen Stefani Before & After Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani

Gwen is all in one celebrity. She is an actress, fashion designer, songwriter and singer. She is the lead singer of No Doubt. With these many talents and fans following her, it is obvious that she uses different methods to maintain her looks.

Tara Reid Nightmare - Plastic Surgery Before & After

Tara Reid

When it comes to plastic surgery, Tara Reid’s name doesn’t go unmentioned. After she has gone through plastic surgery, she has come in the attention of celebrity followers, gossip columnists and the media.

Has Kim Tae Hee Gone Through Plastic Surgery?

Kim Tae- Hee

There has been an increase in the numbers of people going through plastic surgery in South Korea. It is now estimated that one in every five women has gone through some kind of plastic surgery in the country. With such rise in numbers, South Korea has reached the top of the list of the countries where plastic surgery is done in large numbers.

Why Jennifer Esposito Went For Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Esposito

Jennifer is a multi talented actress celebrity with a successful modeling career thanks to her talents and attractive body. The actress is also an Oscar winner, but her transformation doesn’t seem to have gone in her favor.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After


Onika Tanya Maraj, more commonly known as Nicki Minaj, is an American rapper and songwriter who is known for her outlandish music and looks, as she used to favor a cartoon-like appearance..

Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After


Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous and admired women in the world. Actress, director and humanitarian, Angelina has managed to leave a troubled past behind to achieve enormous success in film and life, captivating fans not only with her beauty but also her..